Welcome to Wild at Heart! This boutique offers unique and affordable accessories that compliment your individual style. I love our customers and appreciate your business. Take a look around and find something that is perfect for you!  

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  Welcome to Wild at Heart! This lovely boutique offers a great selection of unique and beautiful products.  I love creating beautiful and unique pieces for others to wear and enjoy!  In addition to my own collection, I also offer gorgeous items are purchased from various talented artists in the USA, while others are acquired from a supplier in the Los Angeles Fashion District. I am dedicated to choosing quality items and a thorough quality control check is performed on all of our merchandise.  The selections chosen are unique and tailored to all different tastes and styles, so there‚Äôs a little something for everyone. I love my customers and I sincerely care about your business. This store site is organized and easy to navigate, so you can look around and shop with ease. When you buy from my boutique, you are helping my family, not a corporation. I want to leave you with a memorable impression so you will come back to shop and tell everyone that you know! You can contact me anytime with questions or concerns. I welcome your feedback. I am always here for you. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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Follow your dreams. They know the way 

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Jessica Basler

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 My little family of three loves to spend time together.  We enjoy being in the wilderness hiking, biking, and camping. We also love and appreciate music, literature, and art.  We believe in volunteering and helping to make the world a better place to live in.  Your purchases are helping us do what we love and each purchase that you make supports our financial needs as we raise our little girl.